Expertise [ Environmental ]

Achieve ambitious conservation goals - Your impact matters more than anything, an engaging visual identity and brand story can raise the bar for what’s possible.

Cultivate change from grassroots to government

Environmental consciousness is growing, but to go further, charities need to resonate with a wider demographic and continue to change the narrative.

The power of design for Environmental charities

These days, a nice green logo and a friendly font aren’t enough to set environmental organisations apart. But, if you can communicate your mission with passion, clarity and authenticity, you will change the world and protect our futures.


Communicate urgency.

We’re facing a climate emergency. Mobilise your audience with branding and content that motivates without resorting to apocalyptic language and imagery.


Overcome green wash.

It’s not enough to say you’re green – you have to build trust with your audience by sharing knowledge and communicating authentically at every touchpoint.


Secure funding.

Funding opportunities should rely on impact rather than appearance, but if you’re not presenting an incredible image, it’s harder to convince people you do incredible work.

Give the earth a voice and motivate the masses to take action

You’re advocating for our planet – and we want to advocate for you. Together, we can create a brand that you can be proud of, and marketing collateral that extends your reach and elevates your impact from the ground up.

We’re all in this together

The earth belongs to all of us. Whatever your remit and whatever your size, we will commit to your project with the same passion as you have, knowing that what we achieve together has the potential to change the world for everyone.

Early stage charities

As you begin your journey, let us help you sow the right seeds with your brand and marketing so that your positive impact continues to grow.

Established charities

Ensure your brand and marketing ticks all the right boxes for all of your stakeholders, from volunteers to funders and the general public.

“The artwork produced by the team at The Discourse really elevated our appeal and helped our comms stand out from the crowd. The materials they produced were simple, clear and on brand, yet eye catching enough to stop people mid-scroll and spur them on to donate. It was a pleasure to work with this friendly, communicative team – we feel lucky to have them just on our doorstep!“

Claire Allen, Communications Manager @ Frank Water