Services [ Brand ]

Build visibility and cultivate trust - Work with us to craft a compelling brand narrative that puts your people, purpose and products in the spotlight.

Make an impact

Branding is far more than a good logo. It’s the essence of who you are as an organisation, a visual statement of your mission and vision. Done well, it has the power to get your voice heard and remembered.

Raw creativity rooted in strategy

Uncover the best elements of your organisation and fuse them together with our creative and commercial expertise – to tell your story and connect with your audience.


Brand Strategy.

Dive into the core of who you are and how you want the world to perceive you.


Tone of Voice.

Articulate your unique proposition with messaging and brand voice guidelines.


Visual Identity.

Paint a picture and own whatever space you show up in with bold design.



Charm your audience and add character to your brand with bespoke illustration.



Animate your logo, icons and marketing content to set your brand story in motion.


Brand Activation.

Prepare your brand for deployment with activation guidelines and graphics.

Build a brand that reflects your ambition

Future-proof branding will elevate your organisation today and remain true to your purpose even as you grow and evolve.

We begin every branding project with extensive research and stakeholder engagement, digging deep into your values, goals, market and customer personas. This builds the foundation as we align your branding with where you are now and your long-term aspirations.

"The Discourse understood our challenges and objectives, and through their expertise and creativity, they delivered a versatile brand kit and website that communicated clarity, built confidence both internally and externally, and helped us to secure essential grant funding."

Damon Rand, MD @ Cepro

Services [ Web & UX ]

Give your brand the platform it needs to shine. Our team will elevate your digital estate with intuitive UX and conversion optimised copy.

Services [ Content ]

Make sure you’re noticed by the right people, with marketing content that builds interest, loyality and a positive reputation.