Establishing visual identity, digital platforms and positioning BubbleLife as pioneers of biodegradable cosmetic packaging. Services delivered:

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Bubblelife, an innovative Green Tech start-up, are on a mission to combat plastic pollution in bathrooms through their biodegradable cosmetic packaging. Initially approaching us for a marketing website, our collaboration extended to encompass their brand, an eCommerce website and their content marketing strategy.

the challenge

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BubbleLife faced the challenge of establishing a distinctive brand identity within the highly competitive cosmetics industry. To achieve this, they needed a visual identity and voice that not only reflected their business but also encapsulated the expertise and vision of its founders, Jon McGlashan with entrepreneurial experience and Carolina Avellaneda with a background in environmental and biological research and development.

our approach

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Our collaborative approach began by delving into Jon and Caro's objectives for Bubblelife, allowing us to craft an authentic voice and identity that resonated with their vision. We conducted thorough research on their competitors to gain insights into the sustainability cosmetics sector and strategise how Bubblelife could make their mark in a crowded market.

Our central brand concept, 'Leave no trace,' was inspired by their state-of-the-art membrane technology and commitment to circularity and zero impact. Our messaging highlighted the innovative technology and sustainability credentials while retaining relatability and personality. This positioned BubbleLife as a unique and pioneering alternative in the market, encouraging behavioural change and new perspectives.

To convey this message, we developed a clean, technical visual language that balanced science with nature. Drawing inspiration from mid-century pharmaceutical design and periodic tables, we were inspired by the clean, minimalist typography used (often Helvetica) where the focus was on legibility. Embracing modernist principles of simplicity and functionality, we employed geometric shapes and bold colours. Contrasting this clean style, we incorporated nature-inspired photography to infuse vibrancy and freshness into the brand.

Our collaboration with their photographer Adam Hollingworth brought the products to life, injecting a sense of fun into the brand, making it relatable and human. The website featured BubbleLife's captivating photography while prioritising a minimal layout and intuitive user experience.

the outcome

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This project has led to both tangible and impactful outcomes for Bubblelife. We successfully achieved their vision of blending scientific precision with luxury and quality, helping them to make their mark in the ethical cosmetics industry. The new brand and website boosted confidence in founders Jon McGlashan and Carolina Avellaneda and enhanced their credibility in the sustainability sector.

We crafted a compelling brand story that connected with audiences on a personal level. Our approach enabled effective communication with Bubblelife's target audience in the hotels and leisure industry. To support Bubblelife's digital launch campaign, we created social media templates that included key messaging, brand photography, and graphical elements from their brand kit.

As a result, Bubblelife emerged as a pioneer in the industry, driven by innovation, sustainability, and a brand identity that resonates with consumers and partners.

"After speaking with various developers, it was instantly clear that Ed, Issy and the team really understood what we wanted to achieve. The brand and websites are looking better than we ever imagined, working with The Discourse was one of the best decisions BubbleLife has made as a business and we are looking forward to building the relationship and working with them on our content marketing moving forward."

Jon McGlashan, MD and Founder @ BubbleLife