Brand design, digital transformation and content production, positioning Cepro as a leader in the renewable energy revolution.

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Established in 2009, Cepro finance, construct and operate community-owned smart grids which utilise the power of renewable energy for both new build housing and retrofits.

We worked with them to create a confident brand identity, helping to align target customers with their purpose and secure investment funding which was critical to the next stage of their development.


the challenge

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Cepro’s visual identity and marketing channels had become dated. With exciting growth on the horizon, they needed their brand to reflect the future ambitions of the business, attract investors and position themselves effectively for the Open Digital Solutions for Net Zero competition.

One of the challenges that Cepro was facing was having to constantly explain their vision and complicated technology to their customers; to overcome this they needed an engaging brand and website which championed their mission, purpose and products in a consistent and meaningful way.

our approach

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Our brand strategy workshops helped Cepro to interrogate and clarify their purpose, which then provided a foundation from which to create a versatile brand kit. This included a set of adaptive logo lockups, illustrations and activated imagery which is inspired by technology and the environment in its organic yet futuristic forms.

For their logo, we used integrated shape elements to reflect their process of connecting communities with sustainable energy. Their illustrations adopted an iceberg style to visually represent the work that Cepro does behind the scenes and represent a complex idea delivered in an accessible and engaging way. Their website was designed with their users front and centre; we tailored the pages to Cepro’s primary customer personas – place makers and impact investors.

the outcome

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The outcome is a confident brand and digital platform that contributed toward Cepro winning a national grant with a 96% score. The brand kit and website has helped to give Cepro’s communications more credibility, and has positively impacted business development and stakeholder engagement.

The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive, and has increased confidence both internally and externally, giving everyone around them a clear understanding of exactly what Cepro does, and why they do it.

“Our brand and digital transformation has positioned Cepro as a leader in the renewable energy revolution. With an outdated visual identity and marketing channels, we needed a brand that reflected our future ambitions, attracted investors, and effectively communicated our vision. The Discourse understood our challenges and objectives, and through their expertise and creativity, they delivered a versatile brand kit and website that communicated clarity, built confidence both internally and externally, and helped us to secure essential grant funding.”

Damon Rand, MD @ Cepro

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