Frank Water

Campaign messaging and content supporting the charities’ Big Give appeals in 2021 and 2022 – in both cases smashing their £40k target in one week.

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Frank Water is a charity and social enterprise supporting the world’s most marginalised communities to sustainably manage their own water resources, and help them build a future where their families have enough water to live and thrive.

Since 2005, they have provided access to safe water, sanitation and good hygiene for 455,729 people in 677 communities in India and Nepal

the challenge

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The team at Frank Water needed impactful marketing material to support their match funded Big Give Appeal and to raise funds to provide more communities across India and Nepal with access to water, sanitation and hygiene. As part of the annual Big Give Christmas challenge, donations were doubled during a week-long period. This is a short time frame in which to capture people’s attention and it was essential that the graphics in both the run up and during the live campaign engage a lot of people, and quickly.

Frank Water wanted to find new supporters through the campaign and attract donations using social media. The visual assets therefore had to be suitable for a range of formats and platforms, including LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Frank Water’s newsletter and website.

our approach

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Each year, our Frank Water campaigns revolved around showcasing the communities they serve, highlighting the transformative impact of donations. In 2021, we utilised their beautiful photography from rural Nepal, overlaying dynamic illustrations to emphasise the difference supporters could make. Our tagline, "power up your donation," injected energy into the campaign.

In 2022, we focused on the ripple effect, demonstrating how even small contributions can create significant change. This humble notion inspired both language and visuals, driving home the message of collective impact.

In 2023, our campaign centred on women as leaders in climate action within their communities. Bold typography and powerful photography captured the essence of grassroots movements, fostering solidarity and activism among Frank Water’s audience.

Throughout each campaign, our aim was to inspire action and empower individuals to be part of a larger cause, ultimately contributing to the fight for clean water access worldwide.

the outcome

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The success of the Big Give campaign speaks for itself, with Frank Water raising more than their target of £40k over the duration of the week, and reaching £21k of this in just one day.

The visual result was a unique series of social graphics that contributed to raising these funds. The assets can stand alone but also compliment each other as a group, and effectively communicate the evolving campaign message both pre launch (using a ‘save the date’ tagline), during the live campaign when Frank Water needed one post a day, and afterwards.

Frank Water reported that there was lots of positive feedback on the images internally, from the board of trustees and high engagement with the social campaign from corporate partners sharing and supporting the posts. 

“The artwork produced by the team at The Discourse really elevated our appeal and helped our comms stand out from the crowd. The materials they produced were simple, clear and on brand yet eye catching enough to stop people mid-scroll and spur them on to donate. It was a pleasure to work with this friendly, communicative team – we feel lucky to have them just on our doorstep!”

Claire Allen - Communications Manager @ Frank Water