Elevating brand and website for sustainability strategists Futureground, enabling them to grow and diversify their clients.

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Futureground are place-based sustainability strategists, who work with their clients to shape the thinking behind the making and managing of successful places where people can thrive in a changing world. In partnership with RH&Co, we worked with Futureground to develop a striking visual identity and effective language to help elevate their business and provide clarity around the services they provide, often bespoke in nature.

the challenge

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When Futureground approached us, their brand felt dated, and the website, built back in 2016 when the business was founded, was in need of modernisation. Up until this point, business growth had been organic and built around the founder’s own personal network.

To enable further growth and help to diversify their client base, they needed to find a way to engage a wider audience, communicate their purpose and visually represent the processes that are key to their work.

our approach

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We created a geometric brand mark which was paired with a modern san-serif typeface, icons and illustrations to give the brand a life of its own. Their logo draws inspiration from the Golden Ratio and uses harmonious shapes to represent the systems and relationships between form and structure found in both nature and the built environment. It suggests how Futureground’s solutions help to create beautiful outcomes, finding simplicity in complexity.

The collage style of the illustrations communicates their holistic approach by symbolising collaboration, a work in progress and thought processes. The DIY aesthetic with the addition of sketch work and an earthy colour palette creates a warm and approachable feel which highlights the connections between humans, construction and nature.

the outcome

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The outcome is a bold, distinct and confident brand which is already helping Futureground to grow their business and reach new audiences. The brand kit has helped to tie together various elements of their work and create a consistent range of communications material that has the brand at its heart, rather than just stamped on as an afterthought. 

The website is clean, user led and employs real world examples which show the impact and value of their work. The feedback received from both clients and collaborators has been positive and Futureground now has a coherent, vibrant and future proof brand to take with them in years to come.

“Our previous brand and website had done us proud, but both no longer fitted our evolved business and growth ambitions. The fresh new brand identity and messaging successfully evokes our progressive, collaborative and creative approach. We are problem-solvers not box-tickers, and wanted to avoid a hum-drum list of B2B services. Our new website communicates what we do by bringing together what we think is important alongside client testimonials and case studies. Thumbs up to the team at The Discourse.”

Nick James, Director @ Futureground

Rin Hamburgh & Co.

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