Expertise [ Social Impact ]

Speak to everyone, tell the story of the few - When you’re advocating for change, inclusion or social impact, your work deserves to be seen and heard.

The power of design for Social Impact

When you’re working tirelessly to change the world for people, it’s easy to neglect your own needs. But creating a strong brand and engaging content isn’t a luxury – it’s a vehicle that will help you to reach the people who need you the most.


Maximize resources.

No matter how well funded you are, you have a duty to spend that money wisely. Together we can make your marketing budget deliver lasting impact.


Build credibility.

You’re doing incredible work – but do enough people see you? With the right brand, website and marketing, you can extend your reach and grow your reputation.


Secure funding.

Funding opportunities should rely on impact rather than appearance, but if you’re not presenting an incredible image, it’s harder to convince people you do incredible work.

Giving social impact a fighting chance

To mobilise action and create real world change, you need the resources to move beyond surviving to thriving. Our team offers the perfect union of design thinking and commercial expertise, ensuring your brand, website and content delivers ongoing value to your organisation and users.

Let’s walk this path together

From community-led to national, small scale to well funded, we’ve partnered with social impact organisations of all shapes and sizes. In every case, we work hard to ensure that your impact reaches long into the future.

Early stage charities

From the beginning of your journey, let us help you lay the right foundation for your brand and marketing so you can focus your energy on improving lives.

Established charities

Ensure your brand and marketing ticks the right boxes for all of your stakeholders  from service users to funders and the general public alike.

Partners and clients in Social Impact

"Working with The Discourse over the last few years has been an incredibly positive experience, we now have a brand and digital platforms that connect with our community of users and truly represent the quality of the work that we do. They feel like part of the team and have been instrumental in establishing WECIL as the leading provider of support services for Disabled people in the region."

Dominic Ellison, Chief Executive Officer @ WECIL