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What is the return on a brand and website redesign?

Author: Ed Garrett   |  Circa 5 minute read

Embarking on a brand and website redesign is always a big decision. And not one to take lightly – it takes time and money, which are precious resources when you’re launching a start-up, scaling your business or running a charity. Over years of experience, we’ve learnt that your brand and website is always worth investing in. Yes, that’s how we make a living, but this advice is based on the feedback that we receive from our clients and the positive impact we see time and again.

Elevate your profile and build trust - The external benefits:

We’ve all heard the saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover,’ the reality is that first impressions count and people make judgments based on appearances. Your brand and website is the cover to your book, they are some of the first touch points that a customer will experience. Even if your product is exceptional at its core, what people see will often become the basis for their opinions. By aligning the quality of your brand and digital platforms with the incredible products and services that you offer, you set yourself up for continued success and ensure that you don’t miss out on valuable opportunities or funding.

It’s widely recognised that all businesses and charities need a logo and a website, but designed well, your brand and website will act as a magnet, drawing people in and keeping them engaged from the first click. If your public facing image is out of sync with the organisation on the whole, then it’s worth exploring why. Take a moment to ask yourself…

  • Does your brand put you on a level playing field with your competitors?
  • Is your website generating regular enquiries or donations?
  • Does the content you publish online help your customers to solve problems?

These points can help you assess if your brand and website are performing well and the external benefits that a redesign project will have. To help quantify this decision just think – what is a major new customer or donor worth to the organisation?

Depending on the work you do and stage of your journey, this number can often far outweigh the cost of the work and so you can start to build a business case for the investment.

Empower and mobilise the workforce - The internal benefits:

It is important to emphasise that the benefits of brand and web are not just external, but also have an overwhelmingly positive impact internally too. A brand and website that your workforce can take pride in is a powerful motivator. By openly celebrating your work and ambitions, you not only reinforce the strength of your organisation right now, but you can start to map out your future plans, uniting your entire team and inspiring them for what lies ahead.

Furthermore, dedicating time and effort to defining your brand positioning, tone of voice and content brings clarity to those around you. This clarity, in turn, creates a stronger and more engaging narrative that resonates throughout the entire company, fostering passion and loyalty. This will help you to retain your best employees and attract top talent in the long run, as you will demonstrate your commitment to excellence and create an attractive proposition for your employees. If your employer brand has room for improvement, then it’s worth exploring why. Take a moment to ask yourself…

  • Does your brand inspire those around you and align with their values?
  • Is your website something that your teams actively promote?
  • Does your content have job seekers knocking down your door?

These points can help you assess the internal impact that a redesign project may have. To help quantify this decision just think – what is higher staff retention, increased productivity or your next star employee worth to the organisation?

Don’t just take our word for it:

We wholeheartedly believe in the benefits that brand, the web and content marketing can bring to an organisation. Here’s what some of our clients have to say…

“The outcome of the work has been transformative.” Jessica King, Fundraising and Development Manager @ The Bridge Foundation

“The fresh new brand identity successfully evokes our progressive, collaborative and creative approach.” Nick James, Director @ Futureground

“We would definitely recommend using The Discourse if you’re a startup or a sustainability company and you need to get your brand out there”. Tom Pearson, Communications and Marketing Lead at The Land App

“It’s been really good for our community.” Lara Thomas-Nel, Marketing and Comms Manager @ WECIL

“The team at The Discourse really elevated our appeal and helped our comms stand out from the crowd.” – Claire Allen, Communications Manager at Frank Water

So what next…

We hope that this information has helped to highlight the genuine value that our services can bring. It’s important to acknowledge the impact it can have, not only from an external perspective, but also on the psychological impact internally.

At The Discourse, we have been designing incredible brand identities, websites and content marketing campaigns for well over 5 years. We’ve proven that organisations that embrace brand, the web and content are more successful over the long term. Our clients typically spend from £5k to £20k on brand strategy and design, website projects range from £5k to £20k depending on size and functionality.

If you’re ready to take your brand and website to the next level you can get in contact today via our contact page or by emailing us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.

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